Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 2 -- May 13, 2012 London Continued @ The Windsor Castle

So... after a fantastic night's sleep in an incredibly comfy hotel bed, we were on to day 2 of our journey.  It took us a bit to decide what we were actually going to do with our second day in London...  We were trying to decide between the Zoo and the Windsor Castle.  Although it took a while to figure it out, I'm sure glad we decided on the Windsor Castle.  It was AMAZING!!!  We were hoping to possibly fit both of them in but they were just too far apart and by the time we figured out how to get out to the castle there just wasn't time to do both.   We had an amazing day though exploring the castle and the cute town around the castle!!!

The Windsor castle is actually still in use and the Queen was even staying there when we visited.  Many of the retired military men live there on the castle grounds as well.  It was sooo much fun talking to the workers who shared stories freely and just to see the astounding beauty of the castle.  I'm pretty sure I would not be cut out for the "royal life" but it was fun to imagine what it may have been like to live in such a place.  I think I would get tired of having to be proper all the time but maybe would like to try it out for a day or two!

Now for the best part...  here is a slight preview of pictures we took around the castle!

This is my FIRST ride in a double decker bus!!!

The WHOLE Windsor Castle....  It is GINORMOUS!

This has a funny story to go with it...  I'll include it below!
 This photo makes me laugh when I think of it!!!   We asked this kind woman if she would be willing to take a photo of us together...   Well, had we turned the other way, the massive, majestic castle would have been behind us, and quite frankly that is what we had hoped to have in  our picture but when the kind woman took this photo, we didn't have it in our hearts to tell her it wasn't really what we wanted.  We waited for her to pass by and then asked someone else to take a photo of us with the Castle.  =)

Us with the Castle...

One of the kind workers @ the Castle

Upon seeing this photo at the end of the day... we realized it kinda looks like I'm pooping a sign!!!  ;)  We got some good laughs out of that one... 

It was a pretty amazing building with some awesome Architecture!!!

This is the wing where the Queen was actually staying.

Changing of the Guards...

I'm sure he HATES the tourists who always want a photo!!!

After a fantastic journey through the amazing castle, we decided to just explore the town around the castle before heading back into London...  Some people had told us about a nature walk thing we could check out so we decided to head down that way to see what they were all talking about... On our way we stopped into a little restaurant to say hello to some men who were eying us down.  It turns out they were Albanian and spoke GREEK!!! I was in heaven with a chance to use some Greek.
The Albanian men who spoke GREEK!!!  They were waving from the window so we went in to say hello...

This sign just made me laugh...  There is a pub on the other side of the street where many people were drinking.  I'm not sure why you are not allowed to drink on this side of the street!

This is the nature walk.  Apparently the path goes on for miles and miles...  We decided to take some photos and call it good!

Just some fun doors to take a picture by!

The typical Red Phone Booth associated with London!

I just LOVE the feel of Europe...  Each place has it's own unique feel but all in all, it's amazing!  This photo helps me remember the quaintness.  =)

This is where I almost fell in the River trying to get a cool photo.

An adorable boy with a beautiful accent that we spoke with on our way back from Windsor.  He was on his way back to the University... He'd gone home for the weekend.

The bridge out near the Tower of London...  Not the actual "London Bridge"  I believe we are standing on the actual "London Bridge"

It was freezing by this point!  Can you tell?!?!  We didn't take many clothes for warmth!

This was taken because I was soooo looking forward to getting to see Wicked on our way home...

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