Thursday, May 14, 2009

We are loving the Island!!!

Well, we've only been here about a week but are having the time of our lives!!!  Many times we go to bed exhausted because we've been working so hard to learn German and Greek. . . .I guess I have the benefit with Greek!  :)   As of now it's not really busy on the island yet so we've only been working 4 hours each day!  Ahhhh..... what a difference from the American lifestyle we have been so used to!  We go to the beach almost every day and are working on our tans!

It's a lot of fun because we are meeting people from all around the world each day!  Just within the girls we work with we've met someone from Brazil, Poland, South Africa, England, and yes there is another American!  They are all very sweet and we are happy to have made new friends!  I'm sure eventually there will be pictures with all of them!  Also we are meeting tons of people from Germany as that is where most of the guests are coming from!  

At night many times we sit with them as they try to help us learn the German language!  It's not really easy but we're hoping with time we will be able to speak more!  We know how to say very basic phrases such as Ihnen schunen tag nag!!!  (English Pronunciation...  I - nen  shoe - nen  to - chk  nock from the back of your throat!!!)  It means have a good day!  And yes our English is very quickly running away from us!  We sound really funny when we talk!

All is good!  We have a very quaint but cute bedroom where we live together!  The family that we work for is really nice and take good care of us!  We have quickly made many friends and hope to continue doing good!  It's funny because most people have never heard of the mormon church before so we have a lot of explaining to do about the way we live our lives but it's good to be reminded of what we believe and why we believe it!  We will forever be grateful to have the principle of the gospel in our lives!!!  

Love you all and we'll try to post again soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009


"You've been Galindified" -- -- Toss, Toss
"My name is Galinda. The "a" is silent"

Anyway, Saturday night we saw Wicked at the Opium theater! Well really the Orpheum Theater but I called it the Opium and it stuck! Merry Christmas Mom! We had tons of fun and really could just watch it over and over again cause we love it so much.

Dad thinks we are crazy and therefore refused to see the show with us, he hung out at the Wharf all evening! Thanks for being such a great chauffeur dad! Thanks for the shirts too Mom! We love them and will wear them often!

Crazy Hats

While we were in San Francisco we found a really cool store with lots of crazy hats! Dad got sick of us trying on hats but we found it very amusing! Here's some of the best ones we found.

San Francisco

We spent Saturday morning exploring the city of San Francisco. We started at pier 39 on the fisherman's warf, here we saw the golden gate bridge, Alcatraz and lots of seals. After eating some fresh chowder we moved on, we headed up to get our second serving of the famous chocolate in Ghiradelli's square. Then we hiked our way to the top of hide street where we believe they filmed the opening credits in Monk. (Dad's favorite) Next came china town, at first we couldn't find it, but once we got in we didn't know if we were gonna get out!!! squished into the heart of San Fran China town is a bustling little city all on its own.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monterey Bay and Carmel

Well, it's officially happened! The MOST AWESOMEST ADVENTURE EVER has begun..... We left Utah last Thursday and flew to San Francisco with Mom and Dad. We had a great day Friday exploring Monterey Bay and Carmel. It was an absolutely beautiful drive and there were lots of activities! We were able to go to the Aquarium in Monterey which was really cool.

You'll have to check out the pictures we have from there. Sometimes you wonder if what you are seeing is really an animal! It was crazy. They had it all..... Of course after the aquarium we had to stop for ice cream! Seriously, who can live without ice cream. We went to the Ghiradelli chocolate shop and dang the ice cream was absolutely divine!

After ice cream we made a mad dash to the car because it was raining outside. From there we drove like crazy people because we were trying to find the 17-mile drive where we had no clue really where it was. We eventually guided dad there and it was cool.

We would have stopped more and walked around but there was lots of wind and rain. Later we ended in Carmel where there were lots of adorable cottage looking houses and mom was fascinated with the cute little tea pots.