Tuesday, April 19, 2011


    So...  once again it has been a while!   I guess one of the reasons I don't post very often is because I feel like my life is very much the same day to day.  I guess I just don't see much excitement to write about!!!  There really isn't a whole lot to write about but I'll try and update you all on my life.
    I've been really terrible at taking pictures so I only have a couple from the last year of my life...  i guess I will include a couple of them.  Ummmm...  I don't really even know where to begin.   I have been loving my job!!!   Sydney is such a sweetheart and I love watching her learn and grow.  She is developing such a fun personality and I am sooo lucky to have such a great job!   I'm really sad to say that this great job that I've enjoyed for the past year of my life is coming to an end in just a few months.
    Jenn is graduating from nursing school the end of July and I won't be needed anymore.   I think it is going to be crazy weird to not be able to see little Sydney everyday.   So...  I guess this is pretty big news.... I am moving back to Logan at the end of July.   Who knew I would be heading back to Logan.    I didn't really want to when I started trying to decide what to do with my life.   I contemplated moving back east to nanny somewhere, I considered teaching English in China...  I just wanted to travel the world I guess.   None of that was feeling right for me at the moment.   I was really stressed about what to do with my life though!   At that point Dad informed me that his secretary would be retiring and he asked me if I would like to be his secretary for the health insurance side of things at the office!   I did some soul searching and really prayed my guts out and in the end it is what feels right.  I don't necessarily know why I am headed back to Logan but I think it should be good.  
     Over the last couple of months I have been concentrating a little more on myself and what I can do to become better!   I have been trying really hard to eat better and to exercise regularly.  Although it is kicking my butt I have lost right around 20 pounds and am excited for the end result I'm working toward!   I want to lose about 30 more pounds so I know it is going to take some time and a lot of hard work but I'm trying!  
     Overall life is really great!   I am excited for the things to come and am also hoping to take a trip out to Nauvoo this summer.   My dear Roommate Adrien is an incredible performer and she is going to be performing in the Nauvoo Pageant.   I am hoping to get a small group together and head out there for a few days to see her!!!
     Here are a couple of pictures from the last few months of life!