Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have realized that I am a horribe blogger!  I guess it is kind of like I am a horrible journal keeper... Both of these things are things that I would really like to get better at!  Today I just want to be grateful.  I guess this time of year we especially are trying to be grateful as it is so close to Thanksgiving and all.  
But today I am truly grateful!  

  ---   I am grateful to have 3 jobs and be able to provide for myself!
  ---   I am grateful and happy to be single
  ---   I am grateful for a wonderful family who loves and cares about me. 
  ---   I am grateful for wonderful friends who listen to all my ramblings and really care.
  ---   I am grateful most of all for the gospel in my life and for the knowledge that Jesus is the Christ and                                                that with his help we can make it through this life!

I have sooo many things to be grateful for and will post much more of my gratitude shortly but I just really wanted to say thanks for all that I have.  I know many times I like to complain and think my life is difficult but today I am saying thank you and realizing how great life really is!