Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Members....

Here are more of my beloved friends from the mission. I truly miss these people soo much. They made such an impact on the person I have become today and I found so much joy in serving them for a year and a half. The top one is of Heidi... then there is Lucy.... and the funny face is of Dolly and I. They are such great members and have a lot of faith. Thanks so much to all of you for your awesome examples and love I feel from each of you.

Down here we have Nancy who is a recent convert to the church... She is actually Greek so it was so amazing to meet her... And last but not least we have Mhona who many times was the sunshine in my life. She is fun and crazy and always makes you smile!!!

Greek Food

UMMMM.... Let's just say that Greek food is absolutely delicious!  We most likely ate way more greek yuros than we should have but they are so delicious and you can't find anything like it in the world. So many places try to but it just isn't the same.  The ones in the photo here are the giant size.  Let me just say I wanted to be sick when we were finished.  It was huge!!!

This is a Greek Salad... I love them so much.... They too are absolutely delicious and so easy to make!  Plus they are so healthy for you...  

Other Sights in Athens...

We had tons of fun during our week in Athens!!!  These are just some random pictures of us walking through some of the other sights....  Mandy got in trouble for the one where she looks like she is lifting the rocks...  Apparently you are only allowed to take "normal pictures" within the ruins.  We just laughed and thought since when have we ever taken normal pictures?!?!?  Well pretty much never ever!!!  

Mar's Hill and the Painted Man!!!

We had so much fun seeing these painted men... I think we just got really lucky because they are not normally there....  I really wanted to go over to Mar's Hill because that is where we always went as missionaries.. Well we got lucky because it was so crazy seeing them all painted.  They were making a calendar and were getting pictures taken

A day at the Parthenon

Wow, let's just say that the sights in Athens are absolutely amazing and incredible... We had such an awesome day walking around the parthenon and the other sights. I know I should have had all these pictures posted a long time ago as we have now been home for over a month but better late than never I guess! Anywho, we had so much fun seeing all that Athens has to offer. I guess if you ever get the chance to go to Greece you should definitely go.

I'm not really sure what our deal was but we were always trying to pose as the statues. It made for lots of really funny pictures. These are just a couple of them.