Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Proposed Itinerary!!!

If all goes as planned this is what the itinerary looks for once we leave the island life and travel Europe!!! As you can imagine we are very excited!!! In later posts I'll try to find pictures and give a little detail of each place we will be visiting. For now you can continue to be jealous and wish you were traveling with us!

The Proposed Itinerary

Nov 1-4 Athens, Greece
Nov 5- Napoli, Italy
Nov 6-7 Rome, Italy
Nov 7-8 Florence, Italy
Nov 8-9 Venice, Italy
Nov 10 Bern, Switzerland
Nov 11 Interlaken, Switzerland
Nov 11-12 Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 13-15 Austria
Nov 16-17 Munich, Germany
Nov 17 Wurzberg, Germany
Nov 18 Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 19-20 Berlin, Germany
Nov 20-23 Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 24 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 25 Brussels, Belgium
Nov 26-28 Paris
Nov 29 London
Nov 30-Dec 2 Scotland
Dec 3-6 London, Wales, Stonehedge, England
Dec 7 fly back to San Francisco
Dec 8 arrive back in Utah

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Island of Kos!

So after taking mom to see Wicked we fly out of San Francisco on the 4th of May.  We have quite the flight itinerary and eventually we will land in the beautiful island of Kos.  We already have jobs lined up at an amazing resort.  We will be working at the Horizon Beach Resort and can't wait to get there.  So many days of sun, beach, and just lots of fun!!!  We will be working at the same resort and hopefully living together.  This will be our residence for the first 6 months of our awesomest adventure.  We are definitely excited.  Mandy will be working in the child center with the kids and is working on learning German at the moment.  Apparently a lot of the children are german and therefore she has to learn the basics so she can talk to them.  As of Sunday i think she knew about 20 words!!!  Keep it up Mand!  I will be working as a waitress at the resort and am excited for the experience!  I guess this is why I went to school for four years!!!  It should be great experience and very helpful on a resume upon returning home!  Just thought we'd show you a few pictures of the resort we'll be working at.


So we are very excited to be taking mom to go and see Wicked. Before we ever decided to embark on the great adventure of Europe we bought Wicked tickets as a Christmas present for mom. We made plans for the weekend right after finals!! Mandy and I have been to see Wicked before and are super stoked for mom to see it!! Because we are flying out from San Francisco to begin our great adventure Dad is coming along for the ride because we don't want mom traveling home alone!!! Nonetheless we are super excited to have a weekend with mom and dad before we leave to Europe. Mandy and I fly to San Francisco on April 30th and then we will meet mom and dad there! We're still not sure if they are flying or driving! It should be a great weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2009

We're going to Europe!!!

So you may all be asking yourselves what is this most awesomest adventure ever! Well, we are going to Europe. We also have a quick trip to San Francisco planned for right before we leave. We are taking mom to see Wicked! Anywho, we will be living on the Greek Island of Kos where we will work at a resort for six months. Come the end of October we will begin our galavanting through the country of Europe. Don't worry our future posts before we leave will include our plans for the Wicked Trip and then also pictures of the resort where we will work and a travel itinerary for the month of galavanting!