Saturday, April 3, 2010

3D movies are the new thing!

Here we are flaunting our awesome 3D glasses! We went to see Alice in Wonderland and loved it!!! I am loving the new 3D movement. I've lately seen Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon all in 3D!!! I have loved all three and think it is amazing what technology we are blessed with in our world today...

I thought the starts made for a super cute backdrop! I'm not sure what I was thinking when I struck my pose but we did have lots of fun! And that is most important.

This is Cami and I! She is getting ready to send in her mission papers! I'm sooo excited for her!

And this is my dear Racheal... I love this girl to pieces. She has been a Godsend in my life and I am so thankful to know her and to have her near my side! And yes... we leave on our vacation in just a few days!!! 5 days to be exact...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yes I know it is hard to believe but I actually went on a date!!!

In my ward we have had a couple coming to our FHE activities to talk to us about dating. They told us we should be thinking positively about dating and making it fun and exciting! Well, my dear friend Christina talked me into asking a boy out on a date... I can't believe I actually did it.
And let's just say I was a little out of my comfort zone!

We decided to have some fun with it and ask in a creative way. Well, ok I have to back up and tell you what a fool I made of myself. I didn't know who to ask because I didn't really know anyone from here! I ended up deciding to ask my friend Cody who had also just moved to Layton. I did a dumb thing and called him before to make sure he would be ok with going!!! I think I made him feel like he was my last resort because of my fears! He definitely was not my last resort..

Anywho, the asking went something like this... We made some little sayings on different pieces of paper and stuffed them in balloons. The first one they had to pop said, "because I think you're great, I hope you'll be my date!" The next one had the "who" information, another had the "what" information, one had the "when" information. The last one had the way they were supposed to respond! We dropped the balloons off on their doorsteps then sent them a text that said, "come to your front porch now... bring a knife!"
We then sat in the car and watched them pop the balloons! It was sooo much fun and we laughed our guts out!

The actual date night was also loads of fun. We really just wanted to have a good time. First we made spaghetti dinner and made everyone eat with their hands tied together! It was fun but I think I had a really hard time remembering to let Cody use my hand to be able to eat!!! (Sorry Cody!) After dinner we had better than sex cake for dinner! It was also delicious...

To end the night we headed to the comedy improv night at a theater in washington terrace. We had soo much fun there. It reminded me a lot of who's line is it anyway!!! I seriously laughed my guts out!!! Well at least my stomach was killing me by the end of the night! All in all it was a great dating experience and I believe we are planning for future date nights!

Here are some pictures from the evening!!!

As you can see, this is me! They told me to act surprised because I had just won a pageant or something! I believe I got my surprised face mixed up with my scared face!!!

This is Cody and I trying to eat our dinner! I don't know how well you can see it but we were all tied together. Not just to our dates but also to the other person sitting next to us! It definitely made for an adventure!

This is me, Tammy, and Racheal... There is a story that goes with this but you'll have to ask me about it if you really want to know! Kinda an inside joke between the three of us!

The girls hanging out on the VIP couch! I am so grateful for so many amazing people in my life!!! I have seriously been blessed with the bestest friends I could ever ask for!!!

This is Scott and Christina who of course were the VIP's at the improv night! Aren't they adorable... I think so!

This is the whole gang!!! It really was loads of fun and I'm looking forward to future date nights! Now that I've lived here a little longer I am getting to know some
more people! Hopefully it won't be so scary next time. :)